This is Our Work Doctrine, The Philosophy and The Policy of Our approach to Crude Oil Trading and Seizing Financial Goals.

1-Due to the Enduring and Unchanging Nature of the electronically Traded Energy and Crude Oil Markets , We foresee the Near future Prices, With Great accuracy and Confirm our expertise In obtaining all Predefined Financial Targets Set By Our Investors.

2- The Markets Are Man Made and Obey to Man Made laws ,Their enigma is Solved and Applied in our Day to day Duties.

3- We have and enjoy the Professional obligation, to Conduct our Company as a Forward Looking unit , explaining the exact Nature of the Forces Driving the financial Markets to our Investors.

4-Consequently Profit Making is our Primary Purpose.

Integrity Of Purpose

1-The Purpose of our Professional Relationship with Investors is designed without a Conflict of interest, and a clear integrity of purpose exists.

2- Because We the Financial Contractors  are Given Legitimate Power to Take Action , on behalf of Investors, the usage of that Power flows from the Purpose of Our Mutual Relation, which is to Obtain and Secure the Financial Goals agreed Upon.

3-Within All levels of our Company , the application of Secrets and Methods in Trading the Crude Oil Markets, is in obtaining and securing The Financial Goals Agreed Upon.

4-We exist to Secure our Mutual interest in a Technologically Advanced and Sensitive situations where No One Else Can.

5-This inflicts a Fundamental Responsibility on Us the Financial Contractors , to Invest the latest Know How, Trade Secrets ,Calculate and eliminate Exposure In advance , with unlimited liability, and on the Investors to Provide the Means to Do So.


1-Exposure Free :
When we Start Working , for New Investors, the First Rule applied is to Replace their Original investment , by Making & Taking Profits From the Markets, ASAP , Rendering the Investor's Investments Exposure Free.

2-Fact :
In all trading Operations and at All times , the Only Time that a Small Percentage of the total Investment, of a new Project can be Exposed , is if the Financial Market, Collapses And all Prices of Indexes , Commodities , Currencies and Bonds , Go to Zero, taking in consideration  Flash Crashes of Certain Financial Instruments.

3-Investment Recovery Services :
We Gain New Investors and Create a Reputation through Recovering ; Totally Or Partially the assets of New Investors , that had been Given to The Markets , Whilst not in Relationship With Us.

The Main Elements that Motivates this Section of our Daily Duties are :
A-Confirmation of expertise in our Field of Work.
B-Keep Our Teams Sharp and Blunt . (Internally the IRS is the Place to be)
C-Secure your Trust ,Weld our Relationships and Create a Common Raison d'etre.

German Petroleum Investment Group Limited
27 Old Gloucester Road
London  WC1N 3AX
United Kingdom

Action Officer  : Mr Saed Elahi
Neuss Germany
Telephone : 0049-162 318 35 45


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