This is Our Work doctrine, the philosophy and principles of our approach to Crude Oil Trading and Obtaining Financial Goals.
1-Due to the enduring and unchanging nature of the electronically traded Energy and the Crude Oil Markets , We foresee the Near future, with Great accuracy and Confirm our expertise In obtaining all predefined Financial targets.
2- The Markets are Man made an obey to Man Made laws ,therefore we do not need to reinvent the wheel.
3- We have the Professional obligation, to Conduct our Company as a Forward Looking unit , and explain the exact nature and the Forces of the financial Markets to our Investors.
4-Consequently Profit Making is our Primary Purpose.

Integrity Of Purpose

1-The Purpose of our Professional Relationship with Investors is designed without a Conflict of interest, and a clear integrity of purpose exists.

2- Because We the Contractors are given Legitimate Power to take action , on behalf of Investors, the usage of that Power flows from the Purpose of Our Mutual Relation, which is to Obtain and Secure the Financial Goals agreed Upon.

3-Within All levels of our Company , the application of Secrets and Methods in Trading the Crude Oil Markets, is in obtaining and securing The Financial Goals Agreed Upon.

4-We exist to Secure our Mutual interest in a Technologically Advanced and Sensitive situations where no one else can.

5-This inflicts a fundamental responsibility on Us the Contractors , to Invest Know How, Trade Secrets , and Be Blunt to eliminate Risk on the Investor's behalf, with unlimited liability, and on the Investors to provide the means to do so.

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