Success Starts Before the Trading Desk

Training Components :

1-Market Rules, Liquidity Compliances .

The Framework of How and where the transactions are executed, the Role of the Companies between trader and The Open Market. Compliances play a Major role in securing the Company's Reputation and Standards. Reporting to Clients is the Main element of fostering relations between Company and Investors or authorities.

Duration: Two days

2-Systems Drive, Test & Control.

The Path to Expertise and Full Competency in electronic trading, Is Commanding Multiple Robots and Accounts,that Carry out Given Trade Missions to either Enter the Market or add to Positions , Take Profits, build Accounts , Protect or Hedge positions , which are either Time based or have a Final Financial Volume Target to them, Plus the Skills Required to Test Robots before use and Constantly Fine tune them, Creating a Close and in Control Relation with the Tools at hand and the Trading Desk infrastructure.

Duration : Two Days

3- Planning & The Importance Of Liquidity

Achieving Objectives When Trading Crude Oil Derivatives, are time and Volume based, in any Scenario Planning and X-Planning are the Guaranteed route to Delivering those Objectives.Without Liquidity (  Getting Orders Filled at the Right Price Points) Important aspects of Profit Making such as Account building, Hedging Or simply getting Orders filled Can not take Place. 

Duration: One Day 


4-Execution & Alert.

Readiness to Forecast upcoming Market Volatility that lead to a lack of liquidity , thus ,Protecting Positions , Hedging Positions Accordingly and taking Profits .Learning The foresight to Place Orders that Protect all account in case of an extreme Market situation and the readiness to intervene or stand aside in Unwanted market Conditions.

Duration : One day
Duration : 20 Days Self Study

5-Sales & Fundraising

The Feature, Benefit, Insight Sales Course Allows the Team to auto finance any new and ongoing Funds under Management, Stay in touch with the Evolution of Markets and technology and Be in the Forefront of Divers Investment Behaviors.

Duration: One Day

Fees :

Complete Range of Trading Training Courses : $ 9900
For One Entity Or Per Company.

Your Success is our Mission and that is why we apply the Trade Safe , Or Don't trade at All Policy.

 Evidence-based training
Our philosophy in building Competent Traders is, putting Future Traders in realistic conditions to face real Market Conditions in everyday operations.This concept allows trainee Traders to learn from both their achievements as well as their mistakes.

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