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Here is an Example of a Workflow :

1-Trade Organisation

1-The First Duty is Replacing the Initial investment by Profits.
2-Proper & Private Market Access.
3-Proper Infrastructure.
4-Systematic Profit Taking.
5-Forward Trading.

2-Monthly Positions

Objective = Adding 5 to 15 % at a Time to the Account. 
Duration of Trades = 5 to 21 Days
Entry Price Points = Automatic
Take Profit Price Points = Levels page
System Used = TS1
Rate of Success =100% (Major Markets)
Costs =Taken From Market.
Observation = Backbone of Account Building & Success

3-Weekly Positions

Objective = Adding 1 to 5 % at a Time to the Account.
Duration of Trade = 4 Hours to 3 Days.
Entry Price Points = Semi-Automatic.
Take Profit Price Points = Semi-Automatic.
System Used = TS2.
Rate of Success =100% (Major Markets).
Costs =Taken From Market.
Observation = Adding Equity to the Account.

4-Forecasting & Control

1-Forecast Costs and offset them by Taking Profits from the Market
2-Forecast Volatility
3-Protect Positions
4-Hedge Accordingly
5-Offset orders for the WCS
6-Take Profits and Repeat

Safety & Control


1-Proper Use of leverage
2-Multiplication of Positions for Low Leverage Compensation

2-Stop Loss

1-We have Replaced the Stop Loss Order by a better Piece of Software where there will be Only Positive Results.
2-Never Take a Loss.

3-Market Making Methods

We Operate with the Same advantages as the Market Makers
2-Access to Liquidity
3-Large Capital & Credit Line

4-Automation , Compliances , Reporting

1-Full Automation of all Trading Accounts and Workflows.
2-Regulation and Compliances.

World's Best Crude Oil Trading Company


1. We are Compensated on a Percentage Of Future Positive Performances .
2.For New Companies One time, Setup Fees.

Services :
1. Private Pool Equity Ownership .
2. New Trading Companies & Funds: Starting Capital $100,000.
3.Family Offices: Minimum One $ Million in Assets.
4.Investment Recovery Services – Only by Special Requests.

As a specialist in Crude oil Trading systems ,We Offer a special service: In consultation with you, we Set Up Trading Facilities that are 100%-Profitable from the Get Go .
We support you for LIFE , training your Team with intelligent drives that are simple to operate.

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