Investment Process

Investment Process

 Please Choose one of the Following Options for each Contract:

1-100 % Returns Per Month.
2-On Demand Amounts.
3-Investment Recovery Services.
4-Fundraising & Sales.

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We encourage branch ownership and Boost the growth of your global trading. We Provide Trading Solutions for establishing your own Hedge Fund and Ensuring its success. Our team of experts will guide you from the start to the end; Setting up workstations, Market Access , hiring and training traders. With our extensive experience and technology we have all the tools you Need to be Profitable from the Get Go.


1-Provide trading liquidity
2-Unbeatable trading Systems
3-Around the clock live support
4-Real-time trading reports and back-office support
5-Customer Training
7-Market Access
9-Marketing strategies

Today's Trades are Tomorrow's Profits


1. We are Compensated on a Percentage Of Future Positive Performances .
2.For New Companies One time, Setup Fees.

Services :
1.Private Equity Ownership .
2. New Trading Companies & Funds: Starting Capital $100,000.
3.Family Offices: Minimum One $ Million in Assets.
4.Investment Recovery Services – Only by Special Requests.

As a specialist in Crude oil Trading systems ,We Offer a special service: In consultation with you, we Set Up Trading Facilities that are 100%-Profitable from the Get Go .
We support you for LIFE , training your Team with intelligent drives that are simple to operate.

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Beyond Success in Crude Oil Trading , We deliver Companies That Generate cash from the Get Go.