T4 – Chart Reading Tools

T4 - Precise Chart Reading Tool -390$

Features of T4

Charts setup
The Combination of these tools create the Market map, Allowing Perfect Reading, delivering Entry & Profit Targets. A must have for any one.
Smoothed Candles
This tool added to Charts allows Visual Control at a Glance. Blue Confirms Higher Prices than the Previous Time Period, and Red, When the Prices Close Lower than the Previous Time Period. The Concentration of Colours is what we look for.
Weekly Pivot Points
These price points, Calculated and reflected as lines on the Charts for the Future, allow Better control and Securing Profit Targets. They can be compared to the tracks on a rail road.
Daily Open & Close
No matter where you are trading from the Globe, the Close of the US markets prices is a must Know and have reflected on your charts. It is used for Profit taking and Entry Price Points.
Standard Deviation Envelope
Financial Modelling and Risk Management is based on statistics and the bell curve theory. For us traders the standard deviation tool reflects the extreme prices of a security on a chart. Those Two lines correspond in the Future, where Prices Will Lose their energy and Become: Profit Targets & Re Entry Points.
Confirmation of The Standard Deviation lines
These Bands Appear Only When prices breached the Standard deviation bands and Have Closed Above or below them.
Money Manager (P+L)
It allows the trader to have constant overlook of the account. It is an Extremely Valuable tool when Accounts Are Traded with Specific Profit targets.

Precise Chart Reading Tool 390$

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